Regular Air Conditioning and Ventilation Maintenance Pays Off

Regular Air Conditioning and Ventilation Maintenance Pays Off

All businesses have an obligation to provide a comfortable working environment for their staff. Providing a clean workplace with an efficient heating and cooling system can help to increase motivation and productivity levels. Carrying out regular maintenance will ensure your heating, cooling and ductwork systems are performing well and that they meet the required standards as set out in the 2015 energy efficiency directive. Not to mention the money you will save in the long run through having a well-maintained system.

Air Conditioning Inspections

As well as regular planned preventative maintenance, all commercial air conditioning systems with an effective rated output of more than 12kw must be inspected by an energy assessor at least once every 5 years. Energy assessments are designed to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, operating costs and the carbon emissions of the system.

Increase Efficiency

An air conditioning system can lose 5% of its overall efficiency each year. Especially if parts get dirty and dust gets into the system, your air conditioning system could be delivering as little as 40% of its potential. This usually leads to users turning the setting up as high as it will go for longer periods of time, resulting in an increase in energy bills as well as poor energy consumption levels.

Preventative Maintenance

As with any piece of machinery or equipment, without regular maintenance, problems and break-downs will occur over time. By including your heating, cooling and ductwork systems in your planned preventative maintenance schedule you can identify potential issues earlier on and fix things before they break. This can save money in the long-run, as you are able to prevent small issues from escalating into larger, more costly ones.

Reduce Capital Expenditure

Keeping your equipment well maintained and serviced can extend the life of the system and reduce the chance of needing to buy a replacement. You may instead need to fork out for replacement parts, but this will be a small amount compared to a permanent failure leading to the replacement of the entire system.

Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance from Munro Building Services

Our maintenance division has developed a reputation for providing some of the highest levels of expertise and service in the industry. We offer a range of Mechanical and Electrical maintenance and after-care services including preventative maintenance, bespoke or tailored support work, out of hours cover and even one-off repairs. No matter how small or large, all of our service options are totally flexible and designed specifically for our customer needs, giving you choice and great value.

To find out more about the services provided by Munro Building Services, or for advice on keeping up-to-date with your M&E maintenance get in touch with one of our Technical Services Managers on 01245 392610 or 01223 702100.

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