Our Customer Experience - 6 Minutes to Winning Work

Our Customer Experience - 6 Minutes to Winning Work

When reaching out to a potential client it is easy to forget about the little things that make your company a success.

At Munro we cover all bases to make sure that all our clients have the best possible customer experience with us. Quality is always an important driver; every project must achieve the desired finish for their installation and we engage the most highly skilled professionals and technically competent engineering team to deliver this. But what about those extra touches that make us who we are? The smiles on the faces of our staff, the passion and pride of our teams who do the utmost to meet our clients’ needs, the warm coffee welcoming you at our offices and the quick and polite responses from our reception and helpdesk team.

Any good company director will tell you that customer service is the basis for a successful business. However, all too often you hear about growing companies who forget how to implement basic techniques that keep the day to day operations running without a hitch and which formed the backbone of their business when they first started.

At Munro we pride ourselves on having a great understanding of our customers needs. We get to know them on a personal level and support them all the way. In fact recently we underwent a mystery shopping test that would highlight just what our people are all about – excellent service.

When a potential client was interested in us earlier this year, the team had no idea that they were being put through exactly that, a test.

Our head office answered the call to the potential customer and transferred them straight to the right department via our maintenance helpdesk. The project manager the client was looking for was actually out on site that day, so our helpdesk took a message and informed him straight away – as is our usual procedure.

The project manager picked up the message and returned the client’s call a few moments later, only to find out that Munro had passed their response test with flying colours. In 6 minutes flat.

Our streamline team are capable of being easy to reach and contactable at all times. Whilst it isn’t always possible to reach someone straight away, we will always do our best to get back to you as quick as possible. 6 minutes is all the time it takes to prove to your customers how much they mean to you and we will continue to strive to beat that time as we move forward; not forgetting where we came from when we first started.

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