Relay for Life – A Family Affair

Relay for Life – A Family Affair

Over the weekend of July 8th and July 9th, Keith Matthams, one of our Senior Mechanical Site Managers from our Chelmsford, Essex branch took part and helped organise a team to take part in the Relay for Life in Bury St Edmunds.

Whilst the relay race is done over a 24 hour period, the actual fundraising for the event accumulates over the year. The aim, of course being, to raise as much money as you can whilst celebrating and commemorating the community’s cancer survivors.

Being a part of the community is what Munro has always been about and seeing our own people doing more and more to raise both awareness and money is very exciting for our business.

This year, Keith took part in the race with his entire family who have worked as a team to raise a spectacular £5,449.00, so far. The total across all teams on the 9th of July was roughly £32,000.00 with more donations still coming in. Munro has also happily donated £100.00 to Keith’s team this year, as well as last year and we hope this becomes a tradition for members of the Munro family.

It is integral for our people that their well-being comes first and we are always encouraged to hear about our staff taking on personal challenges that will be physically or mentally stimulating. Whether it’s for charity, like the Wings for Life – Team Munro Fundraising event that Michael Buttress did in May or the team’s endurance test in April Yorkshire Three Peaks Helps Team Munro Excel to New Heights we love that our people are always inspired and raring to go.

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