Europe’s First Eco-Mosque Comes to Cambridge

Europe’s First Eco-Mosque Comes to Cambridge

2017 has been a ground-breaking year for Cambridge construction, as we introduce more and more stunning buildings to our city’s skyline. One building in particular has been making the headlines and that is the £15m project, known as Europe’s First Ever Eco-Mosque.

The Cambridge Mosque will be situated just off Mill Road in central Cambridge and will consist of meeting rooms, a café, teaching areas, an underground carpark as well as having the ability to accommodate up to 1000 worshippers in its spiritual centre.

Main Contractor, Gilbert Ash, and architect Marks Barfield, have worked hard to ensure the design of the new Mosque reflects their religious beliefs, with a focus on the environment and minimising waste and pollution.

M&E Services that Save the Planet

Environmental and sustainable features are plentiful on this aptly named Eco-Mosque, with many of these being a significant part of the Mechanical and Electrical delivery. Air source heat pumps, utilising BIM, natural ventilation, water saving features and a heat recovery system are just a few of the sustainable strategies being implemented. On top of this, the Mosque will also have a green roof and make use of highly energy efficient appliances.

In supporting this, Munro have been doing their utmost to reduce any construction waste by ensuring their early involved in the project, to provide engineering value and help refine the design before going into production.

Working as an integrated project team with a common objective will see the Mosque exceed Part L Building Regulations for thermal insulation and air tightness as well as obtaining an EPC rating of A. All of this, in support of creating an environment which has a minimal carbon footprint.

As 2017 comes to an end, the main structure of the Mosque, will be nearly complete. The treelike CLT frames are in place and more photos from Marks Barfield architects can be seen in our Cambridge Mosque case study. Munro look forward to commencing the M&E installation in the New Year and are proud to be part of this diverse community project.

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